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Stone of Destiny - Laura   Howard

3/5 stars

This is the second book in the Danaan Trilogy. Although I didn't read the first book, the author did a good job of explaining things, and I felt like I had a good grasp of what happened in the first book.

Allison has returned from the land Tir na n'Og with  her father, Liam. He has not aged since he has been in the fairy realm and is only three years older than his daughter. Book two begins with Allison trying to figure out a way to help her mentally ill mother. A spell has turned her into a schizophrenic. Aoife, a fae who wants Liam for herself, is trying to perform a bonding ceremony with Liam that will permanently sever his ties from her mother, Elizabeth, and it is uncertain if she will ever regain clarity if that happens. Plans are made to return to the fairy realm and stop Aoife. Along the way Allison meets her half-sister, Samantha. Aoife is her mother, and Liam never knew he had another daughter. Allison's human love interest, Ethan, wants to come along to help, and joins in the plan to stop Aoife.

What worked for me:
I don't know a great deal about fairy/fae, but it seemed the author did a lot of research into Irish folklore. I had heard of Tuatha de Danaan, from the book Rua, by Miranda Kavi, but this is a very different take on it. Ms. Howard did her homework. The names of the fae, the aversion to iron/steel and the land, Tir na n'Og were all well done.

What didn't work for me:
I spent the majority of the book waiting for something to happen. There was lots of planning but not a lot of action until the last few pages. Also, I never felt a deep connection to either Allison or Ethan. It's difficult to stay interested when you aren't invested in the book couple's happiness.

Would I recommend this book?: Yes, for the right audience. If you like fairies and/or Irish folklore, this book could be for you. From reading other reviews on this book, I know I am in the minority. Most find it a fast-paced, page-turning read. What can I say? I prefer a little less talk and a lot more action.

The cover is beautiful.