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More Buffy than Bella

Xoe: or Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, Oh My! - Sara C. Roethle

Xoe is definitely more Buffy than Bella. When she and her friends meet a strange guy at school, Xoe's spidey sense goes off. There is something not right about Dan. Allison blows her off and invites him to go to the movies with Xoe, Lucy, and herself. At the theater, Dan makes an odd comment to Xoe about how she smells different. Xoe doesn't like the way Dan looks at Lucy or herself but won't let her friends go alone.
When Dan later drops Lucy off at her house, he scratches her and Xoe and Allison realize their friend has been infected and will likely turn into a werewolf. In the woods, the girls are attacked by Dan and Xoe falls unconscious. She wakes up to find Jason, her rescuer. She learns he has been hired as a sort of bounty hunter by Dan's former pack to locate him. He is not a werewolf; he is a vampire. And just as Dan said, Jason tells Xoe she smells different, not human. Xoe must find out who and what she is, locate Dan, and keep her friends safe.

This book is a short, quick, read. I wouldn't have minded if it were longer and bits of the plot were more fleshed out, but maybe that's for another book in this series. I would recommend this book for a younger teen audience.