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Anomaly - Krista McGee
This is a unique dystopian, Christian fiction novel. Instead of trying to flee an evil, oppressive government, the main characters are battling the scientists who are supposedly, good. The survivors live underground after a nuclear war has destroyed the earth. Thalli is a musician in Pod C and it is her duty to provide music so that the others work more efficiently. The scientists have used genetic manipulation to breed certain characteristics into each individual for functions necessary for the Pods. But they also engage in experimentation through mental simulations. Their worst offense is the annihilation of individuals deemed to be anomalies by their standards. They have no regard for life and are very quick to sentence those they see as unnecessary or having flaws to death. There is one old man left, a father of one of the scientists, who remembers life before. He teaches about the Designer and his great gift of love.
I won't give any spoilers, but the ending is a perfect set-up for the next book in the series.