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Storm - Brigid Kemmerer

My review: 4/5 stars

This book reminds me a lot of one of my favorite books, The Outsiders. Because I loved The Outsiders so much as a teen, I will write a compare/contrast review of this book to it.

Similarities: This book is about brothers whose parents have died. The oldest brother had the opportunity to go to college on a baseball scholarship, but instead takes up the family landscaping business in order to retain custody of the brothers and pay the bills. The younger brothers don't appreciate his sacrifice and think he's just being a hard-nosed jerk. The brothers have a lot of enemies. They are pure elementals(greasers) and the non-pure elementals(socs) think they should be destroyed. They blame them for killing another girl and
a non-pure's parents. Before the brothers' parents died, they made a deal with the non-pures in town to not call in the Guides. The Guides are apparently elemental law enforcement and will punish the pures by killing them and the non-pures for not turning them in. That is the only motivation for the non-pures to not rat them out. Still, the brothers must keep their elemental powers a secret and cannot retaliate with their powers when they get into fights with the non-pures.

Differences: This book is not as serious in tone as The Outsiders and it's not really about social class differences and being judged by what side of the tracks you live on. The brothers fight all the time in this book, and I mean all the time.

It seemed excessive to me. I have three boys and they fight, but not like these guys. They fight each other, they fight the non-pures, and they fight the guys who tried to gang rape the MC, Becca. Lucky for them, they can use their elemental powers to heal themselves from their injuries.

Book One is about the youngest brother, Chris/Ponyboy. His power is water. The book begins with Becca coming upon him in a parking lot, with a bunch of guys beating the crap out of him. Not knowing his power, she gives him water, which revives him, and gives him the strength to get away from the non-pures. This book covers Chris and Becca's friendship/relationship such as it is. There is a love triangle of sorts with Hunter, the new kid.

I won't give any spoilers, but Hunter has powers too.
I have read one of the other books, Secret, about the air elemental, and in the future I plan to read about the other brothers. Overall, it is an interesting series about brothers with a unique set of powers.