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Glitch - Brenda Pandos

3.5/5 stars

Time travel, a watch that transmits your date of death (DOD), sasquatches, and zombies in a dystopian society. This book has a lot going on which creates a lot of tension and makes it a fast-paced read.

What I liked: The DOD watch was cool. Good citizens of Brighton, like Abby, are encouraged to keep their date of death as distant as possible. The dystopian society is pretty typical of a lot of books, but the DOD and the advice meeting with your future self is an original and interesting concept. The story kept my interest from beginning to end.

What I didn't like: Abby seems boy crazy and her obsession shows itself at inopportune times, like when they are in danger and she needs to focus, or even when she's not sure she can trust the guy. After her abduction when most people would be frightened and concerned that they would never see friends or family again, Abby is ogling her smokin' hot kidnapper. For the first half of the book she was always obsessing over one hot guy or another, even when she wasn't sure they could be trusted. What made it worse was that the non-Brighton outpost is like Alaska-mostly guys and very few girls. There is this:

With brothers no less.
Also, the time travel is confusing. At times it appears she knows things she shouldn't be able to know, like how the zombie virus came about, and other times the "rules" of the time travel seemed to contradict each other.

The cliffhanger ending was great. All in all it was still an entertaining read. And if you like lots of twists and turns then you might enjoy this series.