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He's Come Undone - Theresa Weir

4/5 stars

Can a love based on lies survive?
Ellie is a down-on-her-luck former child actor whose mother squandered her childhood earnings then dies of cancer. She's in Minnesota, trying to go to college and get by. She puts an ad on Craig's List to try to get an acting job. She heads over to a coffee shop for the interview. There she finds a group of wealthy sorority girls with one thing in common: they have all had one night stands with the campus hunk, Julian. They feel jilted and angry because they never heard from him after their booty call and want to get even. They want to hire Ellie to play the girl who Julian falls for and then have her dump him. They have even compiled a detailed list of what he would want in a potential girlfriend. Desperate for money and about to be kicked out of her apartment, Ellie takes the job.

Julian is not who he seems. A family tragedy causes him to go off the deep end. His overprotective sister takes drastic actions in an attempt to save him. She moves him away from his home in New Hampshire to get a fresh start. He becomes a player on campus but is completely oblivious to how his actions affect the girls he hooks up with. That is, until, he really falls for Ellie.

Is there insta-love? Yes, some. But I was able to overlook it for the most part.
Is the premise hard to believe? Yes, I did have to suspend disbelief at certain points, but I don't think it detracted from the story.

Valerie was the character I most disliked. She did some rather over-the-top things in the name of protecting her brother. And I didn't care for the names she called Ellie either.

Overall, it was a fast-paced, enjoyable romance with well-done, steamy sex scenes.


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