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Death's Awakening - Sarra Cannon

5/5 stars

Imagine Stephen King's The Stand hooks up with a dark fairytale and begets The Walking Dead.

There are a million zombie stories out there but this one has an interesting dark fairytale twist. The zombie virus is caused by a spell. Five survivors, called the guardians, realize that they have special skills they lacked before. They will come together almost the way Mother Abigail called her followers in The Stand

The Guardians:

Parrish: Emo girl turned ninja ice queen after the zombie apocalypse. She can fight and she can freeze zombies.

Noah: Protector and strong fighter. He acts as a leader. He also has a special ability to heal.

Karmen: She reminds me very much of Samantha from Night of the Comet.  Especially when she heads to the mall. She seems the most shallow of the group but she has an inner strength that she has barely begun to tap. She has the ability to communicate with the rotters and can make them stop attacking.

Daddy would have gotten us Uzis.

Crash: Super smart computer geek. He can hack anything and receives premonitions from dreams. He knows there should be five guardians and he pulls them together like Mother Abigail. He has an added ability to keep the power going in his apartment and keep his computers running. It's like he can will the electricity to power on.

The boy: We don't know his name yet, but he is the fifth. We also are not sure of his powers but we do know he is smart and resourceful to have survived this long. I imagine a younger version of Will Smith from I am Legend when I think of him.

Then, there's the bad guys.

The Dark One: The evil incarnate who has created the zombie spell.

And the Witch, her humble servant:


My Life for You


The next book should be a blast. It looks like more of the dark fairy tale and prophecy fulfillment are headed this way.