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Puddle Jumping - Amber L.  Johnson

4/5 stars
This is a sweet, short, love story about a boy and a girl who meet as young kids and become reacquainted in high school. Sounds typical, right? Not exactly. Colton has difficulty expressing himself the way others do. He is awkward in social situations. He has Aspberger's and Lilly makes it her mission to include him and help him fit in.

Along the way Lilly learns a lot about herself. She learns she is willing to sacrifice for Colton. She is willing to do without the typical courting rituals. He probably won't mark important days such as anniversaries, unless his mother makes the effort for him. She will never take him to loud parties or other typical teen functions. Even attending a high school dance is a difficult endeavor for him and places him outside his comfort zone.

Colton learns a lot from Lilly too. He learns about unconditional love and is able to finally express that love to Lilly. That is something she wasn't sure he would ever be able to do. They both realize that no matter what the difficulties are, being together is worth it.

My only complaint with this story was that it was too short. I would have loved to know more of the backstory, the reasons why Lilly was so drawn to Colton in the first place. Recommended for those who enjoyed <em>Flat-Out Love, Flat-Out Celeste</em> and, in a different way, <em>The Mad Scientist's Daughter</em>.