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Rua - Miranda Kavi

This is a darker side of fairies YA book. I like to read books that I learn something from. This is one of those books. From other books I knew a little about fae, but I had never heard of Sidhe or Tuatha before. It was so interesting to me I had to stop reading and look it up.

Strange things begin to happen to Celeste around the time of her seventeenth birthday. She is starting a new school and experiences visions, headaches, and voices in a strange language. A swarm of black birds follow her around. And then there's Rylan, a strange, "be still my heart" good-looking guy, who also happens to be new to the school.

Her best friend, Tink, is a well-developed character. In other books I have read  the male best friend characters are merely plot devices to get the MC together with the hot book boyfriend. That is not the case here. Not only is Tink a really great guy, he also happens to be Wiccan, and with his protection spells, helps Celeste even before she really understands what's going on.

The ending wasn't too much of a shocker, but the entire book kept my interest. I was able to finish it in two sittings. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a darker paranormal YA romance.