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Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry

4/5 stars.

OK. Before I start the review, can I just say.

Lowering her head, Echo withdrew into her hair.

She did it three times, and every time I couldn't help but think of Erin from the Office going to her hair room.

Echo Emerson has been horribly scarred. Her brother died in Afghanistan. Her mother almost killed her and she doesn't remember any of it. CPS is forcing her, her father, and step mom, to go to counseling sessions. Her father hates it,  Noah Hutchins also has to endure counseling sessions courtesy of the state of Kentucky. His parents are dead and he was separated from his younger brothers. He has all but lost visitation privileges because he physically struck his first foster father. He was hitting his biological kid, but according to the state, that doesn't matter. The school has a new counselor, Mrs. Collins,  and she suggests Echo tutor Noah. Echo needs money to restore her brother's car and Noah needs to get his grades up and change his attitude so that he can visit his brothers. The new counselor suggests that Echo tutor Noah. Win/Win situation.

At first the two can barely tolerate each other. There is some instalust, but neither one wants to get close. That all changes when they realize they have a common goal: steal their files from Mrs. Collin's office. The files contain information on what happened the night Echo's mother tried to kill her. Noah's file contains the address of his brothers' foster parents. If Noah can prove they are mistreating them, he can win back custody of them when he graduates.

The story kept my attention the entire way through but I couldn't believe how stupid all the adults were. Echo's dad, Mrs. Collins to a point, the foster parents of both Noah and his brothers, not to mention Beth's Mom and her abusive boyfriend. All these kids would have been much better off if they had been emancipated.