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Independent Study: The Testing, Book 2 - Joelle Charbonneau

Cia is at the University but her testing isn't over. Her memory has been wiped and she has to rely on the recordings from her brother's Transit Communicator to figure out what happened during the testing. She knows that Tomas knows what happened to Zandri and that Will cannot be trusted, but now she must meet a whole new group of students from Tosu City, the capital of the United Commonwealth. Just like <i> the Hunger Games,</i> the kids from Tosu City have privileges the kids from the colonies don't have. For one, they don't have to go through the Testing.
I liked this book but felt it bogged down during the Induction testing. Induction was very similar to the Testing that the colony kids had to go through in the first book, only less dangerous. It seemed kind of like rehashing it a bit. Towards the end, I realized the Induction part was necessary to let the readers know who were the good guys and who were the bad guys, as well as other vital information.
Cia is so methodical about everything-not just problem solving. Even in her relationships she thinks things through like a machine. I hope at least that she can see Tomas's side of things after having to resort to violence with Damone. She didn't want to kill so maybe she can forgive Tomas for his part in Zandri's death.
I am looking forward to book three. I still have a lot of questions. We know what happens to colony students who are redirected, but what happens to the Tosu city students? Why is Dr. Barnes hell-bent on killing so many gifted students? What will happen with Tomas and Raffe?