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Nash  - Jay Crownover

Another great Marked Men novel. Saint is a girl struggling with self-esteem issues stemming from a bad high school experience with one guy--Nash. She had a poor self-image, plus the awkwardness of being a teenager and she believed this boy was making fun of her. Years later she still struggles with these feelings of inadequacy despite the fact that she's a beautiful, intelligent young woman with a great future as a nurse. Perhaps that boy--Nash--is the only one that can show her just how wonderful she is.

Nash is dealing with his own problems. He is devastated by his dad's illness and poor prognosis. His dad, Phil, is the only parent who cared about him. His mother is selfish and his step father always thought he was a burden. <spoiler> Nash has the best friends in the world, but Saint is the only one who can give him the comfort he needs to go through Phil's final days.</spoiler> Will she let him in long enough to see how perfect they are for each other or will she let her feelings that she is no good and Nash will leave her for someone else overwhelm her and destroy what they are trying to build?

What can I say? I love the story, and while I never suffered the self-esteem issues that plague Saint, I can certainly understand her paralyzing fear of putting herself out there to be hurt again. Nash has all the elements of a great book boyfriend and I found myself cheering the two of them on throughout the book.

I love the Marked Men series from the first book I read--Rule. Jay Crownover, if you wrote a phone book I would read it and it would be fabulous.