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They Call Me Superman - Michael Goffinet

It all begins with an alien race from 500 BC coming to earth to seed the planet with their species. These aliens all have names of Greek gods and super human strength. Then the story flashes to August 31,2012. Marcus and Charlie, two former Army Rangers, are unloading a spacecraft. Marcus opens a letter from his mentor, Robert, explaining his origins and he recalls all the events from the prior month, beginning with his birthday in Las Vegas.
Marcus has super human strength and when he foils a bank robbery at age sixteen, he becomes instantly famous and earns the nickname Superman. Robert, a mentor and benefactor, brings him to live at his compound.
Michael, a megalomaniac who wants to get even with Robert for excluding him from his secret society, throws a lot of obstacles in Marcus's way. There are terrorist plots, a nuclear device, a crazy giant that feels no pain and a disloyal ex-girlfriend.
The author uses flashbacks and alternates between first person-Marcus's point of view, and third person. The third person is primarily utilized by the bad guys to inform the reader of their evil plots and intentions. The story builds with Marcus coming closer to the truth and the mystery that surrounds his relationship with Robert and Tyler and the origins of his super abilities.
I liked that the author includes some of the Superman lore into the story. For example, Marcus's love interest is named Lois and drinking alcohol affects him like red kryptonite. Overall, it was an action-filled, enjoyable read, and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys a lot of action with superheroes and military plots.