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Love Me to Death - Marissa Clarke

My review 5/5

This book is a wild ride and it is hard for me to believe the total shift the book takes from a convenience store robbery to the concluding paragraph.

It is hard to write this review without spoiling the story. It is the story of the underveil, a world unseen by humans. In this world, vampires, shifters, slayers, elves, time folders and other creatures co-exist--often not peacefully.

The main characters: Elena Arcos finds herself bound to a slayer through an elven cord. This slayer, Nikolai, is sent to kill her but ends up saving her instead. It seems Elena is the Uniter, the fulfillment of  prophecy, and she must go from a human researcher to immortal game changer in a mere four hundred pages.
Nikolai wants to avenge his father's death by killing Elena, the offspring of his father's assassin. His feelings grow for Elena, and soon he learns that what he knew of her father was false, and that fate has intertwined his destiny with hers.

The plot was riveting and the love scenes were super charged. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait to read the next book in the series. So, I will leave you with this: Make good choices; read this book.